Motorhome, RV Overnight Stay & Waste Dump

Abermain Bowling Club offers the rear of their Club for overnight motorhome or RV overnight stays. Normally a maximum of 3 days, if there is space, additional days can be arranged. Please call in and see our friendly bar staff  when arriving. You will be offered members discount  when you show your receipt when ordering drinks or meals.

Dump Point

The dump point is installed as low to the ground as possible to permit gravity-fed discharge from the vehicle. The dump point is located in an area that allows access for large vehicles up to 20 metres in length. Motorhomes and buses can be up to 12 metres in length alone and, if towing a car or trailer, may have a combined overall length of 20 metres.

The installation of the Dump Point has been supported and sponsored with the contribution of CMCA and KEA Campers.



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Annual Report 2016 – 2017